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The Al Qasimi Group was founded in 1982 by H. E. Sheikh Faisal Al Qassemi in the emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. 

The Company is a well-established force comprising of diversified interest and defined by a clear strategy for steady growth through alliances and acquisitions. 

In direct response to the broadening of the economies of the UAE, this dynamic Group's horizon moved from involvement in more traditional sectors like Oil industry, Construction, Property, Trading and Retailing which included interests in diversified businesses and services required for the present local and international market like Financial, Insurance Markets and Services. From day one they have spearheaded development of the Tourism and Travel industries in United Arab Emirates while multifaceted retailing enterprises have come to play an important role in the ongoing evolution of the Group. Progressive by nature and guided by philosophy that is customer-driven, the Al Qasimi Group continues to expand.