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In accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates, every foreign entity operating in any one of the seven Emirates is required to appoint a national agent or sponsor for their business. AL QASIMI GROUP Management, the Group's Holding Company, sponsors well-known international and regional companies in the Oil, as well as the Industrial, Construction and Retailing sectors. 


High Reputed Oil Field Suppliers

  • Baker Hughes Groups of Companies ( Dubai, Sharjah )
  • B. J. Services Company ( Middle East, Dubai )
  • Schlumberger ( Sharjah )



Other Oil Industry

         Orient Oil Company

This Company, trading in gas oil was established in 1992. It is fast becoming a top bunkering supplier for small sized vessels. It owns two ocean-going vessels with a capacity of about 5,000 tones, apart from its own tankers gas oil storage capacity for supply of local markets. 

         Akron Trading & Transportation

         Aegean Marine Petroleum

         Emepco Marine Service Co.


Service Industry

  • Tex Care Middle East LLC ( Sharjah )
  • Emirates Enviromental Protection Co. ( Sharjah, Dubai )
  • Star Cineplex ( Sharjah )
  • Citymax Hotel ( Bur Dubai )

Industrial and Construction Companies

  • Emirates Industrial & Trading Company Ltd., an Indian group engaged in the production of biscuits, ice-cream, flour, edible oils, polyester resins and other products. ( Sharjah )

         Intergulf Ltd.

         Unipex Dairy Products Co. Ltd ( London Dairy Ice Cream )

  • Six Construct, a Belgian company and one of the construction giants in the UAE.


  • Landmark Group, an Indian owned retailing operation is a recent association for the AL QASIMI GROUP. Through their network of fifty large outlets across the Arabian Gulf, the successfully retail furniture, soft furnishings, ready-made clothing, fashion merchandise, footwear and food.


Landmark Group

      • Lifestyle
      • Beauty Bay
      • First Choice LLC
      • Gulf Oasis Property Admin. LLC
      • Citymax Facilities Management
      • Oasis Centre
      • Home Centre